PlayBall - Movement on a string


80% of what we take in when we play sports comes via the visual system, so why don’t more train eyes ?!


With PlayBall - ball on a string - we get in a playful way a lot of movements that are used for football, basketball, handball, tennis or just to have fun :)


With the ball, it comes with two different strings:

- Elastic cord to explore speed, reaction and eye / hand coordination on your own.

- ordinary string that you challenge each other through in a bunch of different ways through pair exercises.


PlayBall has been used with children from the age of 2 (note: in adult company) to elite athletes. What makes it fun is the one who has the string in hand is responsible for the other person's development - if you do it too slowly you get bored and if you do it too fast it's not fun!


Play. Learn. Move.


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