What is it?

Women's empowerment skills camp (WESC) is a program designed to help girls and women ages 12 and up to improve their basketball skills, build confidence, and develop leadership qualities. The camp will include on-court instruction, workshops, and team-building activities.

Why is it important?

WESC is important because it provides a safe and supportive space for girls and women to learn and grow. It will help to:

Improve girls' physical and mental health

Develop girls' leadership skills

Promote gender equality in sports

What are the benefits of attending the camp?

There are many benefits to attending the WESC, including:

Learning new basketball skills and techniques

Getting personalized feedback from experienced coaches

Meeting other girls and women who share your passion for basketball

Building confidence and self-esteem

Developing leadership skills

Having fun!

We will be working on

  • Dribble separation

  • Weak hand work

  • Finishing

  • Moving without the ball

  • Shooting drills and mechanics

  • Triple threat separation

  • Offensive footwork

  • Passing vs pressure

  • Defensive work

  • Team chemistry and leadership

Need a place to stay?!

We’ve teamed up with Scandic Hotel Victoria Tower, and can offer these prices (including breakfast!)

Single Room 850 kr/night (850 kr/pers)

Double Room 1050 kr/night (525 kr/pers)

3-bed room  1550 kr/night (520 kr/pers)

4-bed room  1750 kr/night (440 kr/pers)


We will bring top skills trainers and Strength & Conditioning coaches from USA, Canada & Lithuania.

Coach Micha

Misha is an individual skills coach and has been working with high school and university players in USA for 10 years.

During this period, Misha prepared 20 players who reached the NCAA universities level.

She also coached 5 basketball players who currently play professionally in the WNBA League and Europe.


Email us at info@drillo.se

Call us at +46 72 548 42 66

Or, come see us in person at
the gym

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